Hurricane Iris Plus Firmware MT6580

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  • Hurricane Iris Plus Firmware MT6580
  • Product Brand : HURRICANE
    Product Device : Iris_Plus
    Product Model : Iris_Plus
    Product Name : full_jy809i_1g
    Patch Level : QP1A.190711.020
    Display ID : JY809I12.4002B+.10.SP.SM.WVGA.8.T0.V0.01_20200928
    Ver. CodeName : REL
    Ver. Release : 10
    Sec. Patch : 2020-09-05
    Build Time : 28.09.2020
    Product Info : jy809i_1g
    Product Board : jy809i_1g
    Board Platform : mt6580
    Product Manfct : HURRICANE
    Product Name : Iris_Plus

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